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Do Labels Make A Difference in Sales

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  • Do Labels Make A Difference in Sales

    Do labels really make a difference in sales?
    I sell mostly 2.5 oz melts and am looking at your labels vs mine.
    Mine are about 1/2 the size. do you think the full label on the melt package makes a difference??

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    Walking down the grovery aisle, you can typically determine which items are better than others on label design alone. The truth is, a fair amount of "better" product is only distinguishable by the graphic design on the label, not the product. Many things we encounter come from a single manufacturer before gift wrapping in a particular design for a specific customer psychographic or demographic.

    That being said, successful sales happen when you put the right message in front of the right person at the right time. I believe there are a lot of principles we can follow during label design, and I also believe certain formats (online, craft fair, etc) need better design than others to attract someone to your art.


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      Absolutely, especially if not selling in person because whoever is looking to buy can't smell your product so they can only go on what it looks like and how you describe it. When I was younger and CD stores were still a thing, my friends and I would go and just browse and buy whatever looked good because you couldn't listen to anything before you bought so you basically just went off of album art. I ended up getting burned and buying some duds more than a few times, but those bands still made money even if I ended up throwing the cd out of the window on the car ride home. If I'm looking at your website and it looks like you whipped up something in like 5 minutes in MS paint I'm going to assume that you don't care enough about the rest of your product and have put a similar amount of time into everything else and would not buy it. People are very visually driven, if we weren't then we'd all wear the same single color plain clothes and no one would try to do anything to stand out or to be their own person.

      Also, if your melts have some kind of design like a tie dye or marbled effect then maybe a smaller label would be fine if you wanted to show off how you've decorated the wax. If not though, you should use all the space you can to convey the message you want.


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        you can put the worst candle on the planet into a tube box and it'll sell 1000's if the box looks good. sad to say..