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Candle Labeling

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  • Candle Labeling

    Hey guys! I have been making candles for a while now and I've been making my labels on Canva and printing on the Avery labels as Jeff has suggested. These labels work well with my inkjet printer. However, I have a larger, more high powered Laserjet printer that I prefer to use. The issue is that the ink rubs off the labels from this printer with even a slight touch and it makes my labels look awful. It's too costly ink-wise to print on my little inkjet..so I bought a cricut. My issue is that I have to print the labels here as well. Anyone have any experience making labels in cricut that you don't have to print?

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    There are labels made for use in inkjet printers only, and there are labels made for use in laserjet printers. Very few of them are designed to use in both printers. Ink will rub off or would not stick to paper at all if you put put inkjet labels into laser. Ink will smudge if you put laserjet labels into inkjet. Be careful! When you put inkjet labels in laser printer, it can damage the drum.

    There are inkjet ink tank that you can connect to inkjet printers. It works like Epson Ecotank. It takes many trial error and patience to connect the system so it can bypass ink cartridge chip, but saving is worth the time and hassle. It takes about 5 to 15 tries to get the system going, and it will need to be reset doing the same thing over in few months. But it only cost a penny or less to do whole sheet.

    You can create some interesting designs with Circut. You will need to be creative in order not to print.


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      If you still want to invest in circuit-look up on YouTube-there are many videos