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    So I am very new to candle making but fell in love with my first pour. I'm hoping to get good enough to make it into some local vender shops, specifically an apothecary store in my hometown. I want my candles to be made only with 100% soy wax AND 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. I know that essential oils in soy wax candles seems to be a bit taboo. But this is the type of craft I want to succeed in. I have a few questions on how to get the best heat throw. I feel like I have a pretty good setup with my candles, I do the low temperature method and it seems to help tremendously (Heat wax to 185F, add EO at 115F-120F). I plan on using the 8oz and 4oz jelly jars from candlescience as my jars, is there a great wick recommendation for this type of jar/EO that will give off a stronger heat throw? How long do you typically cure EO candles? Is there any wax combinations that seem to help with EO heat throw (soy/coconut oil, coconut wax)? Any certain type of wax that will work best for EO in wax melts?? Thank you all in advance for your time in answering my questions!

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    I am also a newbie. I also want to use EOs – I don’t understand the conflict, and I don’t want to burn something with ingredients that aren’t disclosed. Shall we figure this out together?

    My first pour was with 100% soy wax, and everyone said that it was nice but would be nicer if the scent were stronger. I read about adding 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per pound of wax. Then I ran into this:


    25% coconut oil! Go big or go home….

    I gave it a try, and I used 8% EO. (lavender, ylang ylang, orange, rosemary). The hot throw is very strong. The downside:

    Before the burn, it looks like cottage cheese. This is ok for me because I am doing this for fun, but if you want to sell your candles, you would need to do a second pour to get a smooth top, or maybe a heat gun would work.

    The wick is totally wrong. I am using a 100% cotton wick, 2.5 mm diameter in a cut off wine bottle. The wax doesn’t melt all the way to the edge.

    The liquefied wax will drown the flame if I don’t pour it off. Interestingly, the wax that I pour off still has the EO scent. Before adding the coconut oil, the wick still was too small for the size of the container in that the wax didn’t melt all the way to the edge, but the flame vs the melted wax was perfect.

    I am going to continue to burn these three candles and see if there are changes. I suspect that there was some separation of ingredients based upon the way the wax looks. As I look at the candle, the look of the wax is not consistent.

    If you experiment, please post your results.


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