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Fragrance oil calculator

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  • Fragrance oil calculator

    Hello everyone! I was hoping someone could help me! I am new to the candle business and im having trouble getting the scent to be strong, mainly because I can’t understand how to calculate how much fragrance oil i should add.

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    Hey there. Its really going to depend on what wax you are using and how much FO it can hold and you want to use. I would recommend starting around 8% for most waxes. From that point its a simple formula. Below is a simple example. There are various ways to figure this out.

    Wax amount - 16oz
    Fragrance amount: 8% of 16 = .08*16 = 1.28 You can round this to 1.3oz
    Total Fill then woulld be = 16+1.3 = 17.3 total blend

    So, however much wax you will be using just multiple that by the percentage of FO you plan to use. Rememeber when multiplying percentages, you move the decimal two. So, for 8% multiple your wax amount by .08
    For 9% multiple wax amount by .09
    For 10%, multiple wax amount by .1

    Again, there are various methods to find out total amount you need and what part of that is wax and what part is FO. I will be doing a video on this coming up.
    My youtube training channel is below in my signature if you want to subscribe and check out the other videos.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!
    YouTube Training Channel: https://www.youtube.com/blacktiebarncandleco

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