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    so as i am just getting started i will need to do a bunch of testing. I ordered some FO to play around with. Heres my question, i ordered 10ml bottles of FO for testing. how much wax will i be able to scent. Im not worried about the whole saving money thing. I much prefer a strong smelling candle that saving a few dollars. The wax i am opting for is paraffin.

    I have no doubt i will try soy at some point. for my first run though i wanna stick with paraffin. I admit my main reasons are i can run to Hobby Lobby and buy a slab but paraffin is also suppose to be the easier wax to use.

    Also is it possible to use actual perfume/cologne to scent the candle?

    Thanks you for any and all advice

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    This is just my opinion... I wouldn't use all paraffin. Ive read things about it not being healthy to breathe. I use a soy with just a small amount of paraffin mixed it. I dont think you can use perfume. It needs to be a concentrated fragrance oil. Check out You Tube for instructional videos. There are a lot of them.